Come and see some of the fun learning activities we do in the Peel's  Maker Studio.

Learning has never been so much fun!

Each activity has the potential to be the spark needed to ignite a passion for S.T.E.M. and a life long love of learning.  The skills they learn, while having fun with us, will give them the tools they need to solve the problems of tomorrow.
  1. High School Private Class
    High School Private Class
  2. Middle School Private Class
    Middle School Private Class
    Motor Cars
  3. Elementary Private Class
    Elementary Private Class
  4. Ridgeview Elementary
    Ridgeview Elementary
    Robotics day/Gyrobots
Minecraft Space Program
Exciting Space Science & Virtual Engineering
This is a thrilling and educational online program for Minecraft enthusiasts and anyone wanting to learn more about our solar system. This online class is offered through Peel's Maker Studio. Usually taught in 8 week sessions, but also offered during shorter holiday and summer breaks. In each class session we explore and create in new areas inside our virtual solar system. The classes meet once a week for 90 minutes during which time the children are invited into a virtual Minecraft world that has been specially designed to look just like the one we are visiting. Some of our favorite locations include: NASA Space & Rocket Center, Mars, Saturn’s Moon Titan, and the Tranquility base of the Moon. In each location there will be authentic virtual-life size replicas of rockets, habitats, rovers, etc. The students will be lead through guided information tours by our space expert and will be given fun and engaging team and individual building challenges to excite their imaginations. The moderator will share a history of NASA missions and a scientific discovery related to each location. The children will be allowed to roam, discover, and play as they learn in this creative environment. Reward your student for all their hard work at school and inspire them with this special Minecraft play date that teaches them about Space Exploration at the same time. It’s a S.T.E.A.M. Win-Win! We also accept charter school purchase orders. Contact us for more details.
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